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Tabula Rasa

2008-03-29 07:20:55 by floatingmind

Aight, I'm on Newgrounds! Tabula Rasa stands for the empty page. Although I already submitted a little something I still like to begin my posting with a Tabula Rasa.
It's nice to finally find something that you're good at, it really is! I've only recently started using Flash (as an assignment for school) and really wonder why I never had a shot at it before.
I'm working on a small experimental animation now. It's probably another interactive movie, but I think it's quite original.
Furthermore, I have quite some ideas for future animations, so I'll be active for some time. ;)

So, for anyone who reads this, stay tuned for more!


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2008-03-29 07:30:05

cool i look forward to ur animation ;D